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The Greatest inspirational films From the Illustrious Career of Morgan Freeman

The Greatest inspirational films From the Illustrious Career of Morgan Freeman

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One of my absolutely favorite actors of all time is without a doubt Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman has been in so many amazing films that the man deserves a separate award from the Academy Awards. Not only has he been in such a high number of quality films, but most of the films he has been in are at the very least, enjoyable movies.

The following movies are my top 5 favorites starring Morgan Freeman.

The first movie to be mentioned on my list also happens inspirational films to be ranked as the number one film of all time on the IMDB (the Internet Movie Database). That film, of course is the Shawshank Redemption. What an amazing film.

Another film starring Morgan Freeman which should be mentioned is Se7en. This film comes in at number 28 on the IMDB top 250 films of all time. Directed by David Fincher and also starring Brad Pitt, this 1995 psychological murder mystery thriller is one of Freeman’s best.

Also on my all time list of favorite Morgan Freeman films is Glory. In this film, which happens to be one of the greatest Civil War movies ever made (if not the greatest), Freeman plays Sergeant Major John Rawlins. An inspirational film to say the least.

Also worth mentioning as far as his films go is The Dark Knight. Director Christopher Nolan is on an absolute roll with his career right now, and fans can only wait to see what he brings us in the third installment of the Batman franchise.

Finally, in one of the best movies of the past few years, Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby has to make my list. Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for his role of the down on his luck, yet content Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris.

These are just some of Mr. Freeman’s finest roles and certainly there are others that I have failed to mention.

Perhaps one of the most famous films of yesteryear is that of Zorba the Greek, which starred the dearly departed Anthony Quinn. Certainly an inspiring film that made good use of the cinematic Greek islands.

Shirley valentine (1989) is British film that featured a jocular yet very bored housewife who goes on holiday to the Greek islands. She ends up finding a little more than beaches and sunny weather though, as she get romantically entangled with a handsome local Greek man – who sets her bored pulse a-racing.

Perhaps better known these days is Mamma Mia, which was shot on Skopelos and Skiathos – two very dramatic and attractive parts of Greece. This film earned a whopping half a billion dollars at the box office, and the along with the superb acting from Meryl Streep, the backdrop of the Greek islands might arguably be a big reason for the success of the film. Greek islands certainly seem to lend themselves to high degree of escapism when it comes to the world of film.

Back to British productions and For Your Eyes Only (1981) took advantage of some very attractive Greek islands, as well as the famous hanging monasteries at Meteora. James Bond is well known for having dramatic backdrops, and arguably the islands of this ancient land are some of the most memorable used in a Bond film.


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