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Prerequisites for Nursing Classes

Prerequisites for Nursing Classes

When trying to get in any specific program, you will always have some prerequisites you have to fulfill in order for your application to become valid. Nursing classes are no exception, and if you are interested in enrolling to some kind of nursing program you will have to first fulfill the prerequisites for nursing classes. Each school and each program has slightly different prerequisites, so before applying to a particular program it is always advised to find out exactly what the prerequisites are. You may decide to choose a particular school because their prerequisites are more in line with the courses you already have taken, or you may change your current schedule so that you will be eligible for the nursing program of your choice. If you already know what school you prefer it is better to find out this school’s prerequisites in advance so you can complete all the courses in time.

You can usually start your application process for a specific school before basic arrhythmia certification online   completing your prerequisites, so don’t let yourself loose time by waiting to finish all your classes. When you have your grades you can send them in so that they will be added to your application. Some nursing programs will allow you to complete the prerequisites along with your nursing studies, but it is advisable to try and finish your prerequisites beforehand as the nursing studies are challenging enough as they are, without having this added obligation of completing your nursing prerequisites.

As I said before, the exact prerequisites required depend on the specific program you are enrolling to, but here are the general areas in which you would usually be required to take some courses as prerequisites for nursing classes:


  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Physiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiology


Some Colleges and universities may add to this list also Psychology and/or Sociology. Other places will require you to have completed a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) certification.

The exact level or name of the course you are required to take varies from place to place. It is always advisable to contact the guidance counselor of the program you are enrolling to and check. Sometimes you can substitute other courses if they cover the main topics you need. For example a Math or Economics course can sometimes be taken instead of Statistics. To avoid any last minute delays check with the counselor of the program you are enrolling to and check you have completed their nursing prerequisites. Or if you are not sure yet which program you are applying to, contact a few of the relevant counselors to see if the course work you are already doing covers the basic for most of these programs. Also, try to pass the courses which are prerequisites for nursing classes with good enough grades.

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