Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Okamoto Condoms – Are They Really the Best?

Okamoto Condoms – Are They Really the Best?

The engineering geniuses at Okamoto Condoms have done the world a great service with their strong, yet ultra thin condoms.  Okamoto’s are made in Japan and are widely considered to be the thinnest and most sensitive condoms on the market today.  Okamoto has been making condoms since 1934.

Does being thin and sensitive mean that these are the best condoms you can buy?  In a word, yes.  But you have to be careful about which ones you buy and try out or you might find yourself and your partner disappointed.  Okamoto makes condoms mainly under two different brand names.okamoto 安全套

The most well known are the Crown condoms.  The less well known are the Beyond Seven condoms.  Under the Crown name, Okamoto makes two types – the Crown Skin Less Skins and the Crown Assorted Colors.  Under the Beyond Seven name, Okamoto makes three types – the Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex, the Beyond Seven Aloe, and the Beyond Seven Studded.

Which Okamoto condoms are the best?

The Crown Skin Less Skin condoms and the Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex condoms are the two best out of the five main Okamoto condoms.  Men, women, magazines, and adult film stars consistently rate these condoms as the best.  Consumer Reports studied the strength and reliability of the Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex condom and gave it the highest strength rating.

You’ll want to avoid the other Okamoto condoms.  They generally get lower ratings from people and have some features that turn many people off, like studded texture and bright colors.

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