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How to Use Feng Shui Without Oriental Decor

How to Use Feng Shui Without Oriental Decor

Have you ever wondered how to integrate a western spiritual life into feng shui practices? Many people ask how feng shui, with all of its gods and goddesses, can possibly work for westerners who have no idea who all those deities are. Rather than go into how all that works (which can be found in a previous article addressing this issue), let’s just take a more simplistic view.

Feng shui is the study of how energy flows into and around everything in existence. Westerners use of feng shui can branch into two different directions, overlap, or be completely different. In the southwestern USA there are several practitioners who have swapped out Asian deities for native ones, which is easier than one might think. Since all deities are identified with something they do for mere mortals, one just needs to look for those particular attributes in any particular area of belief.

Some wonder why anyone would bother, unless it’s a decoration orientale desire to keep within one’s faith. It could also be an aesthetic issue; some people are just so nit-picky about their décor that everything has to match. To that end, some of the feng shui cures might seem a little strange when combined with native artifacts. Imagine this: a wall full of neatly displayed kachina dolls, resplendent in feathers, beads and bright colors, with a gold-plated Buddha reclining on a tiger. If the first thought after visualizing such a scene is “Aaack!” you might be one of those aesthetically proper design mavens. Imagine a wealth center in the southwestern décor home, with native baskets in subdued tones of black, cream and brown, with an oriental treasure chest, spilling over with hat-shaped gold ingots and Chinese junk sailing ships. Ewwwww, right?

To create a theme that at least appears aligned, one can choose to use the traditional feng shui items but cover them up with baskets, boxes, or plants. One could also use photos of the appropriate cure, taped onto the back of a headboard, behind a framed photo, or under a rug. The amazing thing about doing such out-of-the-box placements is that it still works. It is all possible because of the holographic universe and quantum entanglement.

The holographic universe principle states that everything is contained in a part; basically that all information about an object is also in even the smallest piece of it. That makes sense when the DNA of a cell is concerned, or one molecule of an inorganic object. If one had the right equipment and knowledge, one would be able to construct a whole object from the one cell or molecule. Quantum entanglement has to do with the energetic connection between like items. The standard explanation goes something like this: if person A knows person B and person B knows person C, but neither person A nor C know each other, they can still receive information about each other through the connection with person B. That information can be passed instantaneously and there is no limit or boundary.

Here’s how it applies to hidden feng shui cures: if the homeowner wants to utilize the cures it is presumably because they are aware of the possible benefits. That awareness then connects with others who believe similarly and they all connect with feng shui masters who understand how it all works. That belief system and desired result is then automatically part of the feng shui item in question (quantum entanglement). Taking a photo of the item and placing it in the appropriate place then confers the desired results (due to the holographic nature of our universe). If you want to get picky about it, you could say that the power of the mind is what makes it all work-which is correct but doesn’t serve to explain it in a manner that most people can understand.

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