Friday, October 22nd, 2021

How to Post Jobs Online

How to Post Jobs Online

It’s no secret the internet has emerged as a viable conduit for commerce and information. Job seekers have wholeheartedly embraced the internet as an integral part of any job search. The internet has some inherent advantages for posting jobs; i.e. everything is electronic, it requires no paperwork, minimal record keeping and in many cases can be instantaneous in terms of generating visibility for your job posting – most importantly, it’s easy to use and leverage. Here are some tips for hiring managers for posting a job online:

Niche Job Boards (small plug) have emerged as one of the best ways to generate responses from qualified candidates. Most niche job boards are highly targeted, low cost with flat pricing and can be very effective in reaching a targeted demographic.

Be sure to post you job on your company’s web site with a prominent Pasang Nomor Online menu item and/or insert links into pages that would lead job seekers to your hiring section or page.

Posting a job listing to your local newspaper will in most cases also provide you with a no charge or minimal upgrade to post your job via the newspaper’s web site.

There are a number of low cost or free web sites for posting jobs online including Craig’s List, America’s Job Bank, Freelance Work Exchange and others.

Take a snapshot of your local college, university or student career center – some of these educational institutions offer free job postings and/or may have partnered with for profit job sites, for low cost posting.

Review alumni associations in your area and post your jobs with them. Alumni associations, colleges and universities can be a good source for local, highly qualified candidates, especially for entry level jobs.

Target professional job associations that match the job description and post a job with them; in most cases they offer free or very low cost charges for posting a job.

Look for online discussion groups that are focused on the market segment(s) that would mesh with your job description and then post your job announcement. You may have to ask permission of the moderator and/or also join the group to make a post.

Most states have a Department of Labor that works with and supports local businesses – research your state government site to locate this department and post. And every state is actively looking for jobs that can be posted for job seekers.

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