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How Can Drinking Water Help With Anxiety?

How Can Drinking Water Help With Anxiety?

Water does a great deal more than simply quench your thirst. It helps to quench your anxiety, too! This is all part of the lifestyle change that’s often so beneficial to people suffering anxiety, but who very wisely want to keep away from drugs.

Make sure you eat a good, balanced diet, augmented make your own tonic water  with plenty of water. As the water passes through our system, it carries hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients with it. This is supplied to vital organs of our body, without which we start to wind down. Keeping our bodies dehydrated, they’ll eventually re-act with a number of signals, some of which involve anxiety. Here’s some interesting information.

1. 75% of Americans are dehydrated.

2. In 37% of them, the thirst mechanism is so weak, that it’s mistaken for hunger.

3. Our body’s metabolism will slow down by 3% with even mild dehydration.

4. Just one glass of water quelled the midnight hunger pangs of dieters who were being studied at the University of Washington.

5. Ever wondered why you feel tired halfway through the day? That’s right. Lack of water. One glassful, and it’ll buck you right up.

Dehydration causes our cells to feel this at a molecular level and this in turn is passed to the unconscious as the beginning of a threat for survival. The recommended daily intake of water is eight glasses.

Have you ever been out for the evening, or stayed in for that matter, and ended up as drunk as a coot? You stagger off to bed, or not as the case may be, simply sleeping where you’ve fallen, then struggled out of a befuddled sleep the following morning? The hangover? If you’re already in an anxious frame of mind, you shake like a leaf and jump at the slightest sound.

Hangovers themselves are caused because of an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. For the sake of your health and, indeed, it seems like even your sanity, go and drink as much water as you can cram down your throat. Yes, I know you won’t feel like it. You may even fall into the trap of ‘the hair of the dog.’ Don’t, whatever you do. Starting to ‘nip’ again the next morning is the surest way to the slippery slope.

Personally, I used to keep a lot of tonic water in the fridge and drink as many small bottles as I could hold. But the point is that having a hangover gives you an accelerated view of extreme dehydration. Not very nice, is it? As shown with the dieters at Washington University, a glass of water carried them right through the night without them wanting a snack.

So often you feel hungry, when in fact it’s water you need, not food. It follows, then, that if people concentrated more of drinking water and less on snacking, they might lose a lot more weight.

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