Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

This service should come free with your purchase or should not cost more than a few dollars. Find out what was done to make your repair. If you feel repairs are too costly or happening too frequently take the unit to another dispenser, he might help you 助聽器款式, but remember his job is to sell you another hearing aid.

Be careful of the “covered by your Insurance / HMO” ads. Although some insurance companies will cover some amount toward a hearing aid purchase, it’s not unheard of the devices being over priced before the insurance portion is applied. You may still be paying full retail. Also find out if the insurance money is to be paid to you or the dispenser before you go in.

Some will tell you smaller hearing aids will sound better. It’s not necessarily true. Dispensers will sometimes charge more for smaller aids and make a larger profit. Here again your started device experience will help.

Hearing aids do not filter out all background noise. Do not be lured into thinking that they do, no matter how expensive they are. Most hearing aids are designed to help you hear and understand speech. If you are somewhere where many people are talking, how is that hearing aid going to know which voice to amplify? It won’t, all people speak in the same general frequency range. That is not to say that all hearing aids are alike; there are some hearing aids that work better in noise than others, again they will cost more money. You will still hear the noise but it will be less bothersome and more natural.

Digital technology is better. This is a sales tool. First of all you need to be aware of the term digital as it applies to hearing aids. There are analog units that are digitally programmed. All this means is that a computer is used by the dispenser to “tune” the analog circuitry. Do not be misled into believing it is a fully digital unit. Your coffee maker is often programmed by a digital chip, is your coffee maker digital?


Fully digital units sound the best. In many cases I agree. The more expensive the digital unit the better it should sound. Digital units allow for more beneficial features. Noise suppression, background noise reduction, feedback suppression, automatic volume control, push button presets that can be programmed for different environments, (work, noisy areas, movies etc) are some of the capabilities. I don’t think the sound quality is that big a deal. An analog circuit in my opinion sounds just as good as most digital circuits. Again your over the counter hearing aid experience will pay off. Always remember your primary objective. If you go in to buy a pick up, don’t get sold a Cadillac.

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