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Best Makeup For Oily Skin Discovered!

Best Makeup For Oily Skin Discovered!

The oily skin type troubles many women. It affects the face in the area called T-zone, making the forehead, nose and chin shiny. Most women wake up to an oily face regardless of whether they are in their teens or older. Finding the best makeup for oily skin is paramount in countering the effects of oily skin without making the skin worse.

The usually recommended best makeup for oily Best Hair Straighteners For Fine Hair skin is matte-finish foundations; these however leave the skin looking, dry and stiff with an artificially made up look which is not what a woman would expect from ‘best makeup for oily skin’ solutions. The most desirable result that women seek in makeup is one that is not an easy give away, keeps its secret, leaving the beholder guessing on whether the wearer is using any makeup at all!

So how do you think the celebrities do it? They come under intense public scrutiny thanks to the hi-definition screens yet they look flawless, with no telltale caked-on makeup! Airbrush makeup, secrete of the flawless look sported by celebrities a luxury for ordinary folks? Not any longer.

Airbrush makeup and applicators are now easily available for purchase for home and every day use, and provide not only flawless coverage and seamless foundation, but also provide the best makeup for oily skin.

The airbrush technology pumps air into a specially formulated liquid foundation that is sprayed on to your skin in smooth layers that are as light as air, covering problem spots while leaving your skin room to breathe. One of the key reasons it provides the best makeup for oily skin is the application technique. When you use airbrush makeup only light jets of air and makeup touch your skin leaving no room for uncalled for stimulation of oil glands which happen when fingers or makeup brushes are used. Thus oil is neither redistributed or mixed with the foundation as in the case of other application methods, such as sponges or fingertips; makeup is layered on by jets of air that dry-up quickly to leave the desired matte-finish in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does airbrush makeup suit other skin types?
A. Absolutely. The beauty of airbrush makeup is that its sheer coverage is suitable for all skin types, it’s not just the best makeup for shiny skin, but for all skin types.

Q. Can other types of makeup be used in an airbrush?
A. There are many types of airbrush makeup, some companies offer foundations only, others everything from eye shadows to lips and lashes.

Q. Does oil sometimes shine through the airbrush makeup?
A. If you have very oily skin, airbrush makeup companies have finishing powders that provide quick coverage for you with the same flawless results, which is why airbrush makeup is the best makeup for oily skin types.

You can avoid acne breakouts due to clogged skin pores (usual problems associated with drying foundations with matte-finish) when you use airbrush makeup. The best makeup for oily skin is obviously the one that does not aggravate or worsen the existing condition but gives flawless coverage with a sheer, dewy look all day long.

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