Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Supporting the QIPP Programme

Supporting the QIPP Programme

QIPP stands for Quality, Innovation, Prevention and Productivity and is a programme from the NHS. Using QIPP, the NHS hopes to release up to £20billion worth of efficiency savings by 2014-15, whilst improving the overall level of quality.

Sir David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, wrote in a letter to NHS Chief Executives in 2010 “Only by driving up quality and productivity together can we realise the £15-20bn savings needed by 2013/14 to reinvest in meeting increasing demand and patient expectations. That is why the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) challenge has been and will continue to be of central importance.”

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QIPP is not completely about saving money – at its centre is the goal to create an environment through which change and improvement can flourish. A vital part of realising these objectives is to ensure NHS staff are provided with the equipment, tactics and support required to improve the quality of care they supply.

Software solutions that have been built specifically for NHS trusts and would-be trusts and PCTs can help support QIPP. These solutions utilises the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help trusts manage member relationships, communications, campaigns and feedback. Members include GPs, Community Centres, Hospitals, Members of the Public, Patients, Carers, Volunteers, Members of Staff, and any person linked to the Health sector.

Using software solutions, NHS trusts can manage the communication, feedback and engagement with their members. We have observed an increase in enquires regarding our software solution and how it can specifically assist with the QIPP challenge:


Communication is the key to human interactions, happiness and satisfaction. Only by communicating and engaging effectively with the community can trusts and PCTs improve the quality of their services. Software can provide you with the tools required to give and collect information over an assortment of mediums. Letters, phone, email, SMS, websites and social media are all services people use to communicate nowadays, and it is vital that trusts can effectively select and use the right platform for the correct audience. By engaging successfully with the local community, trusts and PCTs are able to discover about what’s good as well as bad about their services, what people want and need and where they can make improvements. Without an open, two way dialogue it’s impossible to appreciate the requirements of the community.


Software gives trusts and PCTs tools to evaluate and track their levels of service. Forums and surveys are all incorporated as standard and we have witnessed our customers making use of these to discover about the thoughts, ideas and emotions of their local community. Surveying local patients can lead to suggestions and ideas that may not have otherwise been expressed. It is important that the results of any surveys are analysed rapidly and efficiently. Solutions should also come with a comprehensive reporting and analysis suite, enabling you to drill down into stats and information with ease.

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