Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Nissan 350z Tein H Tech Lowering Spring

Nissan 350z Tein H Tech Lowering Spring

To upgrade your 350z handling I advise that you upgrade with a Tein H Tech Lowering Spring. With just added the Teins H Tech lowering spring your 350zed handling improved dramatically. A 350zed replacement for the factory springs, the lightweight performance Tein H spring improves handling, reduce body roll, and do not negatively impact ride quality. Tein is a well known name when it comes to spring and coilover damper kit. Tein products are made in Japan with high grade material for performance and quality.

Tein H Tech lowering spring provides approximately between 1.0 to 1.9 inch drop to achieve a balance between aggressive styling and comfortable ride experience. Check the detail specifications of each Tein H spring set for your car for the exact height drop measurement. Tein H Tech lowering springs lower your car anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. This has the effect of lowering your car’s center of gravity, which improves handling. These new springs also have different spring rates and will usually give you a much stiffer ride than the stock springs. You must have a spring compressor tool and know how to use it.

These Tein H Tech lowering spring are under tremendous pressure TEIN with an entire car sitting on them, and if one should come loose while using the spring compressor it could easily kill you. Even with the knowledge of how this installation is done it can still take a long time. Tein H Tech lowering spring sets feature rubber spring protector tube to dampen noise level. Tein H Tech springs are first coated with zinc phosphate, a rust-proof material.

The H Tech springs are then finished with long lasting gold powder paint. In addition, each Tein H Tech spring is made using a new material called Vanadium, a strong, lightweight material that retain more spring stroke for optimal quality. Tein H Tech lowering spring give a sleek and modern look to your car and also maintains the quality and stability of the car. One can also avoid the unwanted body roll by using lowering springs of good quality. There is no doubt that Tein H Tech lowering spring are the best way to give the looks of your car an edge over the others and to kill the gap between the fender lip and the top of the wheel.

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