Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

Easy and Healthy Weight-Loss – Notice the Difference Between Physical Hunger and Emotional Hunger

Why are you eating that? The ideal answer is ‘Because I am hungry and this food provides the ideal nourishment for my body’s needs.’ If you are eating for reasons other than hunger, do you know what to do about it? There is a simple answer that puts the power to release cravings and emotional eating right at your fingertips.

So why are you eating that? There are a lot of reasons we eat besides hunger. Let’s talk a look at some of the more common reasons:

Emotional Hunger okamoto

Sometimes we eat in an attempt to relieve or numb or escape emotions that we don’t want to experience. We eat to fill an emotional void. Favorite foods and beverages can bring an explosion of wonderful pleasurable sensations, making it easy to forget, or to not feel for a short while.

The problem with this strategy of course, is twofold. It doesn’t address the real problem of the underlying emotion or provide any long-term relief from the real problem; and it literally weighs down your body with unnecessary and possibly even harmful foods.

Time to Eat

Sometimes we eat because the clock tells us it’s time to eat. Children don’t seem to have this problem. They eat when their body gives them hunger signals, they don’t eat when it doesn’t. It’s only after years of being told you have to eat at meal times that we begin to honor the clock more than the signals from our own bodies.


Sometimes we eat out of habit. We’ve gotten into a habit of pairing certain foods with certain activities, again whether we are truly hungry or not. Hot dogs at baseball games. Popcorn at the movies. Potato chips at a BBQ. Ice cream with the late night movie. A triple fudge brownie with a broken heart.

Whenever you start to reach for food, check in with yourself to see if you are truly hungry. Sometimes we eat to temporarily relieve emotions we don’t want to feel. Sometimes we eat because the clock tells us to. Sometimes we eat out of habit. And sometimes we eat because we are actually physically hungry.


Noticing why you are eating is a really important step to making changes that support your radiant good health. If you are eating for any reason besides physical hunger, then you can use techniques such as EFT, emotional freedom technique (a kind of meridian tapping therapy) to collapse those emotional drivers, eating with the clock, and force of habit.

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